I am new to ceramics, is this something for me?

Yes, we welcome ceramicists of all levels, including beginners. You don’t need any prior knowledge or diploma’s. Just start with one of our beginner courses, and you will have a basis from which to work. Just bring some enthusiasm and patience.

Do i need to follow a course before becoming a member?

No. In order to work in the studio, you only need to receive an Introduction upon first arrival, to know how the studio operates. However, if you are new to clay and ceramics, it is highly recommended that you follow a course first.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING for a class?

For workshops and courses, you just need to wear some comfortable clothing that can get dirty. The rest is all provided for: clay, tools and aprons. If any other things are needed, this will be mentioned in the course description.

What do i need to bring as a member?

Different kinds of clay are sold in the studio. Most tools are available in the studio for general use, including glazes. However, we do recommend you bring your own apron, specific tools and any other things you might need. Bring some coffee, tea and cookies as well if you like.

HOW much does firing and glazing cost?

Firing and glazing of objects for members is currently priced at €1,50 per liter (1.000 cubic centimeters). We have a measurement system in place for measuring how large your objects are. All sizes are noted down, and paid with the mentor on duty.

Do you sell clay?

Yes! So you don’t have to carry your own to the studio. We have different kinds of clay for sale in the studio. The most commonly used clay, 254 for wheel throwing, costs around €8, and prices vary for different kinds. Please check in the studio for the current prices. If you prefer to bring your own clay, please have it checked by the mentor on duty for firing temperature and stoneware properties.

a membership is too expensive for me. Are there ways to volunteer?

Yes, you can become a mentor, and earn your membership that way. You work one shift of 6 hours per week, in which you help out people in the studio, and take care of some small tasks. During this time, you can also work on you own work. Please check the Jobs page for more info.


Yes, by all of us, you included. We ask everyone in the community to pitch in and clean the areas they work in, for at least 20 minutes before leaving. Clay dust is a health risk when left unchecked, so we clean every day. Additional cleaning is done by the day’s mentors, but we depend on all of you to keep our communal work space tidy.

Why can’t i book my course of choice?

Our courses fill up pretty quickly, so it is probably fully booked! But not to worry. Next month, we will put new courses online, so you will have another chance.

aren’t there any 1-day throwing workshops?

Learning to throw on the wheel is a process that takes a lot of time and practice. We want to honour this by teaching you in the right way, over the course of several weeks. Your first pots will fail, and even the successful ones will need to dry before you can trim them, fire them, glaze them, and fire them again. There is attention for throwing in the 4 week intro course, but in order to learn properly, we highly recommend doing an 8-week course.

What happens when i miss a class?

Missed classes can not be rolled forward. However, you can turns up to 2 missed classes into free hours in the studio. You can practice the things you have learned in the other lessons by yourself, to make sure you can finish your works.

DoES STUDIO PANSA take on commissions?

Yes. We have a large network of potters with different styles, among which we can find the best potter for the objects you require. Just send us an email with your request, and we will get back to you with a plan.

Can I fire my ceramics (made elsewhere) at your studio?

If we have space in our kilns, yes, but only if you need a full kiln. Please contact us by email to ask for the options. The standard rate for firing a full kiln is €60,- (ex. BTW). We do not fire single objects that are not made in the studio.