The studio is nearly 400 m² in size, and has several spaces dedicated to different purposes.

We believe that an atmosphere of tranquility in the studio is very important. The layout is functional, but also aesthetically appealing. We use, for example, robust workbenches, wood and steel. Minimalistic. We use light and natural shades, have plants and will grow a lot of green in several places.


The studio consists of: 

- A large open space with many tables for handbuilding with clay, ± 140m². 
- A separate area for courses of ± 30m² 
- A space for turntables, where at least 10 wheels are placed, ± 30m² 
- A space with 2 large tables for making molds, ± 20m² 
- A separate glazing room, where you can work safely with glazes, ± 20m² 
- A space for shelving units (storage space for members) ± 60m² 
- 2 big kilns with enough ‘breathing space’ around them, ± 20 m² 
- A small office space of ± 15 m² 
- A kitchen and lounge area of ± 25m² (including a small library of inspiring books) 

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Pottery wheels

We have a variety of professional pottery wheels.
- Shimpo RK3-e's
- Shimpo 21's
- Shimpo Whisper T's


Hand tools

Many small tools are available to use for handbuilding or throwing/trimming on the wheel.
All tools are available for anyone. If you bring your own tools, you can store them on your own shelf.

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Storage space members



We now have two big kilns
- 1 toploader 250l
- 1 frontloader 240l

When demand gets higher we will buy more or bigger kilns. We will keep a steady firing flow and will eventually fire daily if necessary.

Set temperature kiln firing is included in the membership. If members go over 40 liters of glaze oxidation firing per month we will charge a bit extra.


Communal firing runs continuously. You can leave your finished drying work on a shelf. It will be fired as soon as possible. You can always ask the mentor or technician on duty about the upcoming firings. If you want to do a special firing, you can rent a kiln.

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We have a couple of clay types for sale. These clays are a few of our selected favourites.

Some examples that we carry:
- a general fine white stoneware
- a general course white stoneware
- a porcelain body
- a black stoneware
- a groggy bit browner clay


Spray booth

A spray booth with water curtain. To work with this machine you first need to do an induction with one of our mentors, for safety reasons. This is free of charge.


Slab roller


Mold making area

A space to work separately from the clay areas to work on your molds. We also host mold making workshops.

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In-house glazes

Use of Pansa’s glazes is included in the membership. We have at least 12 different pre-mixed glazes you can use.