ALL JOB POSITIONS ARE FILLED FOR THE MOMENT, and we don’t offer mentor positions until new spots open up.



(work exchange)

As a studio mentor you will be opening or closing Studio Pansa. You will be there to help members where needed with studio matters. Also some technical or creative advice/help may be given.

You will be doing a shift of 6 hours per week (1st or 2nd half of the day). You will be there to monitor the studio. It is most important that you are open and welcoming to members and new people coming in to Studio PANSA. During your shift you will also be doing some necessary jobs assigned by the studio manager (approx. 2 hours), for example: wedging/recycling clay, mixing glazes, helping with loading or unloading kilns, mopping a floor, watering the plants... You can spend the other hours on your own work, but still be present for members or new people walking in.

In exchange for your work, you will receive your full membership at Studio Pansa. Which means that outside of your shift, you can work up to 15 hours a week in the studio and have your own shelf to store work on. Glazing and firing up to 30 liters included.

Necessary skills:
- Basic knowledge in working with ceramics.
- Preferably previous experience in working in a shared studio space.
- Open to social interaction.

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Marketing Internship
Do you feel you have it in you to put Pansa on the map? Please get in touch with us about an internship in marketing strategies.
- Communication
- Social Media
- Website
- Admin

Administrative Internship
Help us keep the systems rolling and the numbers going in the right direction.
- Member management
- Invoicing
- Hour registration
- Taxes

Studio management
Learning about all the ins and outs of being a studio manager.
- Technical aspects of running a creative workspace
- Communication with members
- Running back end systems

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Throwing teachers
In search of teachers with plenty of experience in throwing on the wheel.
Mainly for our 8 week throwing course.

Handbuilding and throwing
In search of teachers with experience in both handbuilding and throwing on the wheel.
For our general 8 week course, which involves both handbuilding and throwing.

Teacher in glazing
In our basic glazing course, we show our students how to glaze their objects. Mainly practical, but we will provide them with some more insight on glazes, applying techniques and the firing process.

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The job of a studio technician involves:
- Loading and unloading of kilns, keeping an eye on the firing schedules.
- Mixing glazes. Checking our in-house glazes and keeping them in enough supply.
- Managing the clay recycling.

Please get in touch if you have proper experience in the technical aspects of this job description.

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