A course is a the best way to get acquainted with ceramics. Or, if you already have a basis, to learn more. The process of working with ceramics takes time and patience. Over several weeks, you get introduced to different concepts, and learn to find your own way with the clay. Some of our regular courses include:

  • Introductory Course (4 weeks)

  • General Course (8 weeks)

  • Full General Course (10 weeks)

  • Wheel Throwing Course (8 weeks)

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NEW: Summer course
1 week intensive

Learn all about ceramics in just one week.
We’ve cramped all the content of a 8 week course into a one week intensive course. Because you are on it the whole week, you will improve soon and learn quickly.
You can plan this little week, even if you live outside of Amsterdam. As a little creative break in Amsterdam ;)

Our first one will start the 25th of June 2019.
Sign up here!

Because working with ceramics takes patience and practice, we recommend doing a multiple week course. However, we also have regular single day classes:

  • Making a Mug

  • Glazing (for those already familiar with ceramics)

All of our these are taught by professional teachers and artists, who will guide you along in your personal development. They will not do the work for you, but will instruct you and help you where necessary.

All multi-week courses are suitable for beginners, but also offer ways for more experienced makers to further develop their skills. The instructors will adjust to your skill level, so you will learn or improve the development process of your own ceramics!

Afterwards, you will be able to make your own work in the studio as a member.

To sign up and check availability for the courses, please register through our CTRL+ Booking Portal by clicking the button below.